Our mattresses

At Mattress Junction we offer a range of mattresses, including 100% Australian-made mattresses, each carefully selected for their high quality and excellent value for money.

As Mattress Junction is an independent retailer, we are not burdened with the requirement to pay a percentage of our sales to a central buying group. This saving is passed on to you, our customer, in the form of lower prices.

Our independence also gives us the freedom to select ranges from smaller, Australian manufacturers, and respond more easily to the needs of our customers.

We now have new ranges from Beds R Us, (still Tasmanian made) which include Sleepmaker,  Sleepyhead, Swisstek and Miracoil Chapel.

The Sleepmaker range
Sleepmaker mattresses

Your sleeping comfort is the focus at Sleepmaker. A proud tradition of innovation has set them apart for over 100 years. The range is Australian made.

The range includes mattresses with every level of firmness/softness to suit every preference. Available in Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King sizes.

Rest assured, Sleepmaker can supply a bed for every body.

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Mattresses to suit the whole family
Mattresses to suit the whole family
at Mattress Junction
Sleepmaker Mattresses

Sleepmaker has forged a heritage of innovation and their mattresses have been tested by millions of Australians for over a century.

The Sleepmaker team in Tasmania strives to create beds that deliver the perfect balance of support with pressure-relieving comfort for every body.